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Valve controls the flow of liquids and gases through pipes and tubes. It includes types of butterfly valve, gate valve, check valve, globe valve, ball valve, air vent valve, solenoid valve, pressure reducing valve and others. Here we are going to talk about the air valve. Air valves are employed in the pipeline systems. Workers hardly think twice of them. But a fault air  valve in a plane, a machine, or a chemical plant could be no good. Valves must be precision-made and trouble-free.


Air valve, namely, is to release air, gas or others accumulated in pipelines firstly. It is a solution which sets that air within one pipeline or more pipelines during the process of filling. The air will be existed in bubble forms. One bubble, two bubbles, three bubbles, four bubbles, five bubbles, six bubbles, more bubbles. As the pipeline is filled, these bubbles will gather at a high point along the pipeline profile, the outline of a pipe as it is seen when a worker is looking from the side. This air accumulation, or bubbles, will appear as soon as the bubble’s buoyancy, an upward force carried by a fluid, is greater than the energy to convey the bubble with the liquid. In order to keep system operation safe, a large amount of trapped air in a pipeline must be released by an air valve which is designed to do the removal of air from pipeline systems. The next function of an air valve is admitting of air into the system during the pressure is below the normal level. By admitting of air into the system, an air valve could help prevent the pipeline from experiencing problems as well as help prevent problems.

Filter and bypass valve are extra equippment. A strainer should be installed ahead of the backflow preventer to protect all internal components from unnecessary fouling. Avoid damaging effects of foreign matter in the flow by using a strainer ahead of the valve. When furnished with a strainer, flush periodically. 

Air Valve from TJL Industry includes single and double orifice air release valve. You may click on our website to have a check about the air valves we have got. What's more, we sell them to the customer worldwide, including from Europe, America, Asia, Middle East and Africa. Our products can be used for Water supply and drainage, oil, gas, chemical industry and so on. 

There is considerable room for expansion in the filter and air valve industry at the present. The main factors of the expansion include the growing energy demand, sustained increase in global population and urbanization in developing countries, the process of industrialization after the financial crisis. This trend has been growing steadily for years. Currently, the world's major economies have already entered the economic recovery cycle. The filter and air valve industry was showing a steady upward growth therewith.