Connecting Pipe Parts Flange Rubber Joint

  • Product Name:Connecting Pipe Parts Flange Rubber Joint
  • Unit Price:
  • Design Standard:
  • FTF Dimension:ISO5752/EN558-1
  • Flange Connection:EN1092, ANSI B16.5
  • Inspection and Test:EN12266-1/API 598
  • Delivery Time:15-30 days
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Product Details: Connecting Pipe Parts Flange Rubber Joint

Nominal Diameter:        DN15 to DN2000

Nominal Pressure:        PN10-25

FTF Dimension:            ISO5752/EN558-1

Flange Connection:     EN1092, ANSI B16.5

Inspection and Test:    EN12266-1/API 598

Material List:

No. Item                               Material                                   Symbol

  1. Flange                           Carbon Steel/Stainless Steel   Q235/SS304/SS316

  2. Rubber                          NBR/EPDM                              NBR/EPDM

  3. Main Body Framework  Nylon cord fabric

  4. Pressurized Ring           Steel Wire Strand

Structure and Feature

1. Small volume, light weight, good elasticity, easy installation and maintenance. 

2. Installation can generate horizontal, axial and angular displacement, from pipe barrier heart, flange is not parallel to the limit. 

3. Work to reduce structural transmission of noise, vibration absorption ability.

4. Good sealing performance and scalability, easy to use. Internal high density, can endure high pressure, elastic deformation effect is good. 

5. Use of rubber of high elasticity, high resistance, solvent resistance, weather resistance and radiation resistance and other advantages can  reduce vibration and noise,and play the role of  compensation for thermal expansion and contraction caused by temperature change. 

6. Standard sizes range from 1.25" through 80".

Product Images: Connecting Pipe Parts Flange Rubber Joint