All-Welded Butt-Welding Ball Valve

  • Product Name:All-Welded Butt-Welding Ball Valve
  • Unit Price:
  • Design Standard:API 6D/ASME B16.34/ API 608/ BS 5351/ MSS SP-72
  • FTF Dimension:ASME B16.10 / API6D/EN558-1
  • Flange Connection:ASME B16.5
  • Inspection and Test:API6D/API598
  • Delivery Time:15-30 days
  • Tel: +86-22-28219562
  • Fax: +86-22-28219554 ext.8888
Product Details: All-Welded Butt-Welding Ball Valve

Nominal Diameter:        2" to 56"

Nominal Pressure:        Class 150 & 300 &600&900&1500

Design Standard:         API 6D/ASME B16.34/ API 608/ BS 5351/ MSS SP-72

FTF Dimension:            ASME B16.10 / API6D/EN558-1

Weld Ends:                    ASME B16.25

Flange Connection:     ASME B16.5

Inspection and Test:    API6D/API598

Material List:

TEM PARTNAME                            STANDARD                                   LOW TEMPERATURE         STAINLESS STEEL

    1. BODY                                      ASTM A216 WCB                          ASTM A352 LCC                 ASTM A351 CF8/ CF8M

    2. SEAT RING                             ASTM A105+ENP                          ASTM A350 LF2+ENP         ASTM A182 F304/F316

    3. SEAT INSERT                         PTFE/RPTFE/NYLON                    PTFE/RPTFE/NYLON         PTFE/RPTFE/NYLON

    4. SCREW                                   ASTM A193 B7/BM                        ASTM A320 L7/L7M            ASTM A193 B8/B8M

    5. O-RING                                   VITON

    7. TRUNNION                             ASTM A105+ENP                           ASTM A350 LF2+ENP        ASTM A182 F304/F316

    10. BONNET                               ASTM A216 WCB                           ASTM A352 LCC ASTM      A351 CF8/CF8M

    11. O-RING                                 VITON

    12. SPRINGS                              INCONEL X-750

    13. BALL                                     ASTM A105+ENP                           ASTM A350 LF2+ENP        ASTM A182 F304/F316

    14. O-ING                                   VITON

    16. STEM                                   AISI 1045+ENP/ASTM A182 F6a     AISI 4140+ENP                  ASTM A182 F304/F316

    17. BEARING                             AISI 1045+RPTFE                            304SS+RPTFE                  304SS/316SS+RPTFE

    18. THRUST WASHER               PTFE                                                PTFE PTFE

    19. O-RING                                VITON

    20. PACKING BOX                     ASTM A105+ENP                             ASTM A350 LF2+ENP       ASTM A182 F304/F316

    21. SCREW                                CARBON STEEL                              CARBON STEEL                STAINLESS STEEL

    25. PACKING                             GRAPHITE/PTFE

    26. GERASE FITTING(STEM)   CARBON                                           STAINLESS STEEL           304SS/316SS

    27. GREASE TING(SEAT)          CARBON                                           STAINLESS STEEL           304SS/316SS

    28. ANTI STATIC BALL               304SS                                               304SS                               304SS/316SS

    29. ANTI STATIC SPRING          304SS                                               304SS                               304SS/316SS

    30. DRAIN VALVE AND PLUG    CARBON STEEL                               STAINLESS STEEL           304SS/316SS

Please note:

1. Specific Structures & main dimensions see drawings.

2. The action principle is when the handle drives the stem & ball with 90° rotation to open & close valves. When handle is parallel with body channel, valve is opening. On the contrary, when the handle is perpendicular to body channel, valve is closed. The locating plate can do the limit control.

3. The seat is double sealing and soft sealing. These’re very convenient to replace, and the technology is also very simple.

4. Direct mounting pad also called Top Mountain Flange, is suitable to this ISO 5211 Standard.

5. Torques are actual and based on maximum differential low temperature service, without safety factors.