Cast Iron Float Ball Valve

  • Product Name:Cast Iron Float Ball Valve
  • Unit Price:
  • Design Standard:DIN3357/JIS B2031
  • FTF Dimension:ASME B16.10/EN558-1/DIN3202 /JIS B2002
  • Flange Connection:PN10/16, ANSI 125, JIS 10K
  • Inspection and Test:API598/JIS B2003
  • Delivery Time:15-30 days
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  • Fax: +86-22-28219554 ext.8888
Product Details: Cast Iron Float Ball Valve

Nominal Diameter:        2" to 16"

Nominal Pressure:        Class125/PN10&16

Design Standard:         DIN3357/JIS B2031

FTF Dimension:            ASME B16.10/EN558-1/DIN3202 /JIS B2002

Flange Connection:     PN10/16,ANSI 125, JIS 10K

Inspection and Test:    API598/JIS B2003

Material List:

No. Item                   Material

  1. Body/Bonnet      Cast Iron, Ductile Iron

  2. Ball                     Cast Iron / Ductile Iron / Stainless Steel

  3. Stem                  Stainless Steel / Carbon Steel

  4. Seat Ring            PTFE

  5. Packing              Graphite/PTFE

  6. Lever                  Ductile Iron

Structure and Feature

1. Fluid resistance small.

2. Structure simple, small size, light weight. 

3. Closely reliable, sealed surface material widely used plastic.

4. Easy to operate, the closing rapidly, from open all around, as long as there 90E, facilitate remote control. 

5. Maintenance convenience, ball valve structure simple. 

6. Ball valve whole or in the open all closed, spheroid and the sealed surface with medium, valve seat separation medium through, will not cause the valves sealed surface erosion.

7. Widely range in application.