Double Eccentric LUG Butterfly Valve 4 Inch

  • Product Name:Double Eccentric LUG Butterfly Valve 4 Inch
  • Unit Price:
  • Design Standard:BS EN593/BS5155/API609/DIN3354
  • FTF Dimension:ISO 5752/BS EN558/API609/ASME B16.10/DIN3202
  • Flange Connection:ASME B16.5 /DIN 2501 /EN1092
  • Inspection and Test:EN12266-1/API 598/ISO5208
  • Delivery Time:15-30days
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Product Details: Double Eccentric LUG Butterfly Valve 4 Inch

Butterfly Valve 4 Inch Product Usage

The butterfly valve is suitable for food, medicine, petrochemical industry, power plant, steel plant, industrial environmental water treatment, high-rise buildings, water supply and drainage pipes, and is an ideal device for regulating flow and cutting off fluid.

Butterfly Valve 4 Inch Product Features

This butterfly valve is absorption and digestion of foreign technology, combined with the domestic users opinions and accumulated experience in production and carefully developed a new generation of products.

1.Using three-dimensional eccentric structure, the body sealing ring adopts multi-layer sealing ring structure, make the butterfly plate valve sealing surface with uniform and reliable contact, can achieve without leaking gas seal.

2.Unique structure, flexible operation, energy saving, convenient, long service life.

3.High temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, wear resistance of three-dimensional eccentric.

Butterfly Valve 4 Inch Standard

Design and manufactureFlange connectionFace to faceTest and inspection
GB/T 12238、JB/T8527
GB/T9113、JB/T79、HG20592GB/T 12221
GB/T 13927
API 609EN1092-1/2、ANSI/ASME B16.5/B16.47、JIS B2220API609、EN558API598

Butterfly Valve 4 Inch Main technical Parameters

Nominal diameterDN(mm)50~2000
Nominal pressurePN(MPa)0.6
Test pressure
Strength test0.
Sealing test
Gas seal test
Leak rate(Zero leakage or)<0.1xDNmm³/s(Conform GB/T13927 Standard)
Applicable mediumAir, water, steam, gas, oil, acid, alkali, salt with weak corrosive medium, etc
Drive formWorm gear drive, pneumatic drive, electric drive, hydraulic drive

Butterfly Valve 4 Inch Main Parts Material

Part name
BodyCast steel, stainless steel, chrome molybdenum steel, alloy steel, duplex steel
PlateCast steel, stainless steel, chrome molybdenum steel, alloy steel, duplex steel
SeatStainless steel, Stellite etc.
Sealing ringStainless steel and high temperature resistant asbestos board layers
StemStainless steel, chrome molybdenum steel, special material
ShaftAustenitic stainless steel、Nitride
PackingFlexible graphite、PTFE
Packing gland
Cast steel,stainless steel
StentsCast steel,stainless steel

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