Ductile Iron Pipe

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Product Details: Ductile Iron Pipe

Mechanical Properties of ductile iron pipes

Standard                       Products                 Diameter(mm)    Tensile strength(N/mm2)  Yield strength(N/mm2)     Elongation(%)      Hardness(HB)

ISO2531,EN545:2010   Ductile Iron pipes   DN100-1000        ≥420                                ≥300                                 10                         ≤230

                                                                    DN1100-2600                                               300                                 7


Pressure gauge for hydrostatic testing standard

Products                    Diameter(mm)    Tensile strength(N/mm2) Yield strength(N/mm2)               

Ductile Iron pipes      DN100-300          50                                   ≥10           

                                  DN350-600         40                   

                                  DN700-1000       32                   

                                  DN1000-2000     25                   

                                  DN2200-2600     18                   


Internal and External Protections

Internal Protection

Pipe and fittings: Cement mortar lining complying with ISO4719 EN545:2010

External Protection

Pipe and fittings: Metallic zinc coating + Bitumen complying with ISO8179 EN545:2010