Flanged Double Exhaust Valve

  • Product Name:Flanged Double Exhaust Valve
  • Unit Price:
  • Design Standard:EN1074-4
  • FTF Dimension:
  • Flange Connection:EN1092-2
  • Inspection and Test:EN1074-4
  • Delivery Time:15-30days
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Product Details: Flanged Double Exhaust Valve

Product Overview

Flange double-port exhaust valve is suitable water pipeline. It is used as a device to eliminate gas in the pipeline to improve the efficiency of water delivery equipment and protect the pipeline. If there is power outage, negative pressure will occur in the pump shutdown pipe. It wilcause the pipeline to vibrate or rupture. The exhaust valve sucks in at any time to ensure the safety of the pipeline.

The dual-port exhaust valve is widely used in various fields such as municipal construction, farmland water conservancy, thermal power generation, petrochemical industry, metallurgical mines, fire protection and environmental protection, food, shipping,medicine and textile.

Product Usage

1、It can eliminate the gas in the pipeline, reduce the resistance and save energy.

2、When the pipeline is under negative pressure, the product can quickly and automatically suck air to prevent pipeline rupture.

3、Exhaust capacity is more than double bore valve.

4、Floating ball for stainess steel, long life, safe and reliable.

Technical Parameters

Suitable medium
Working temperature
Strength test(Water)
Sealing test(Water)
Body material
Floating ball bracket
Clean water
Cast iron HT200
Stainless steel

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