JDG-B Threaded Connection Flexible Rubble Joint

  • Product Name:JDG-B Threaded Connection Flexible Rubble Joint
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  • Design Standard:
  • FTF Dimension:ISO5752/EN558-1
  • Flange Connection:
  • Inspection and Test:EN12266-1/API 598
  • Delivery Time:15-30 days
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Product Details: JDG-B Threaded Connection Flexible Rubble Joint

Nominal Diameter:         DN15 to DN80

Nominal Pressure:         PN10-25

FTF Dimension:             ISO5752/EN558-1

Threaded End:               DIN259/2999, ISO228

Inspection and Test:     EN12266-1/API 598

Material List:

No.Item        Material                   Symbol

  1.Inner thread woggle joint  Malleable Cast Iron

  2.Rubber                              NBR/EPDM              NBR/EPDM

  3.Main Body Framework      Nylon cord fabric

  4.Pressurized Ring              Steel Wire Strand

Structure and Feature

1. Feature:  

Flexible rubber double ball joint is also called rubber soft connection, rubber elastic rubber joints, pipe shock aabsorber, shock aabsorber, soft joints, shock aabsorber, etc. Is the flexible coupling, metal pipeline by inside rubber and nylon cord fabric, rubber compound rubber ball and loose tube of metal flange a kind of high elasticity, high air tightness, medium resistance and weather ability of pipe joint. 

2. Application:  

Air conditioning, heating and ventilating systems in industrial buildings, hospitals, hotels and on board ships. 

Central and ancillary power generating stations in industrial buildings, factories, ships and off-shore. 

Sewage disposal and water treatment plant, pumps, etc. 

Process piping in pulp and paper manufacture. 

3. Suitable medium: 

According to different material, acid resistance rubber joint, flameproof rubber joint, oil resistant rubber joint, thermostatic rubber joint, low temperature resistant rubber joint, wear resistance rubber joint can be made to suitable for various kinds of medium, and environment.