10 major categories of valve applications

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We list 10 major categories of valve applications as below:

1.Valves for oil installations
1) Oil refining equipment. For oil refining equipment, the valve is mainly used of pipeline valves, includes gate valve, globe valve, check valve, safety valve, ball valve, butterfly valve and trap. Among them, the needs of gate valve is about 80%.( The valve accounts for 3% to 5% of the total investment in the device.)
2 ) Chemical fiber equipment. Chemical fiber products has three main categories: polyester, acrylic, and vinylon. The needs of valve use are ball valve, and jacketed valve (jacketed ball valve, jacketed gate valve, jacketed globe valve);
3 ) Acrylonitrile equipment.  This kind of equipment  is generally required to use standard valves, mainly includes gate valve, globe valve, check valve, ball valve, trap and needle globe valve. And the gate valve accounts for about 75%.

4) Synthetic ammonia equipment. Because of the ammonia synthesis and the purification method is different, its technological process is different too. As well as the required valve technical is also different. At present, the domestic ammonia equipment mainly needs gate valve, check valve, check valve, trap, butterfly valve, ball valve, diaphragm valve, regulating valve, needle valve, safety valve, high and low temperature valve.
2.Valves for the application of hydropower station:

The construction of Chinese power station directs large-scale development. Therefore it needs the large diameter and high pressure safety valve, pressure reducing valve, globe valve, gate valve, butterfly valve, emergency stop valve and flow control valve, spherical sealing instrument (According to the national "15" plan, except Inner Mongolia, GuiZhou  this two provinces, they can build more than 20 million kilowatts stations, other provinces and cities can only build more than 300,000 kilowatts stations);
3.Valves for the application of metallurgy:

The main valve use in alumina of metallurgical industry is wear-resistant slurry valve ( flow-off globe valve), regulating trap. The use of valve in steel industry is metal sealed ball valve, butterfly valve and oxidation ball valve, globe valve and four-way valve;
4.Valves for the application of marine:

With the development of oilfield exploitation , the valve needs are increasing. The platform requires shut-down ball valve, check valve, multi-way valve;
5.Valves for the application of food and medicine:

 The industry needs to use stainless steel ball valve, non-toxic plastic ball valve and butterfly valve. Among the 10 major categories, the common use is general valves, such as instrumentation valve, needle valve, gate valve, globe valve, check valve, ball valve, butterfly valve.

10 major categories of valve applications

6.Valves for the application of rural and urban construction:

 The valve use of urban construction is low-pressure valve in general. It’s developing to environmental protection and energy-saving direction. Environmental-protection plastic plate valve, balance valve and concentric butterfly valve, metal sealed butterfly valve are gradually replacing the low-pressure iron gate valve. Domestic city buildings need to use balance valve, soft-sealed gate valve, butterfly valve and so on.
7.Valves for rural and urban heating:

In urban heating system, the valve use is a large number of metal-sealed butterfly valve, horizontal balance valve and buried ball valve. Because this type of valve is to solve the vertical and horizontal hydraulic problems, to achieve the purpose of energy saving and heating balance.
8.Valves for the application of environmental protection:

In the domestic environmental protection system, the main water supply system needs to use concentric butterfly valve, soft-sealed gate valve, ball valve, exhaust valve (To remove  air from pipeline). Sewage treatment system mainly needs soft-sealed gate valve, butterfly valve.

9. Valves for gas:

Gas in the city accounts for 22% of the entire natural system. The main requirements are  ball valves, plug valves, pressure relief valve, safety valve.

10. Valves for the application of pipeline:

The main composition of long-distance pipeline is crude oil, finished coal and natural pipeline. This type of pipeline requires to use the forged steel three-way full-diameter ball valve, anti-sulfur plate valve, safety valve, check valve.

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