Actuator for Customized, Critical Service

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TJL company has released new type Spec-Tork custom pneumatic and hydraulic rotary actuators to meet OEM torque and speed specifications. Spec-Tork actuators satisfy special customer requirements that vary from the capabilities of ISO standard actuators. For example, the Spec-Tork actuator can meet applications that might include: rotations of less than 90°; special cushions for high speed requirements, electro-hydraulic actuators and systems, integral valving and special mounting flanges. The TJL engineers can also customize its Spec-Tork actuators for applications including lift and turn, dampers, and fluid power service.


Actuator for Customized, Critical Service

The Spec-Tork actuator can provide millions of cycles of continuous service and achieve 90 degree rotation in less than five seconds, for catalytic cracking units, pipe line valves, and electric valve actuation and R&P valve actuation in processing plants. For the natural gas processing plants, the fireproof-enclosed Spec-Tork can produce 1,440,000 pound-inches of torque and have a hydraulic pressure rating of 3,000 psi. The Spec-Tork’s end-of-stroke design reduces the shock to both the actuator and the valve it controls, which extends the service life.  

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