Advantages and Precautions of Application of HDPE Water Supply pipeline

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HDPE water supply pipe in the application of the advantages

HDPE water supply pipe is widely used, mainly because it has other pipelines can not match the advantages:

1, easy to counterpart welding and fused welding and complete the closure of the formation of seepage control system. In the laying along the trench, can reduce the amount of excavation earthwork and reduce the amount of accessories.

2, light weight and easy installation and treatment;

3, strong wear resistance and excellent hydraulic pressure, in the buried pipe without outer protection. Applicable to earthquakes and mining subsidence area, but also with the sunset method laid in the bottom of the river.

4, chemical corrosion resistance, internal and external and microbial corrosion, corrosion resistance, with health. Suitable for conveying acid, alkaline substances, transportation of sewage, natural gas, gas and other substances;

5, good environmental adaptability and frost resistance. Can be used for indoor and outdoor water supply pipes.

6, the service life is long, with more than almost 50 years of life;

7, easy to use.

 HDPE Water Supply pipeline

HDPE water supply pipe in the application should pay attention to

1, outdoor open laying, where there is sunlight, it is recommended to do shelter measures.

2, buried HDPE pipe, DN 110 of the pipeline can be installed a little snake summer laying, DN 110 of the pipeline because there is sufficient soil resistance, can withstand thermal stress, without the need to set the tube length; Reserved pipe length.

3, HDPE pipe installation, if the operating space is too small (such as: pipe wells, ceiling construction, etc.), should be fused connection.

4, hot melt socket connection, the heating temperature can not be too high, too long, the temperature is best controlled at 210 ± 10 , or will cause excessive melt within the extrusion parts, reducing the water diameter; Or pipe interface should be clean, or will cause the socket outlet leakage; the same time, pay attention to control the angle and direction of the pipe, to avoid rework.

5, hot butt connection, the required voltage between 200 ~ 220V, if the voltage is too high, will cause the heating plate temperature is too high, the voltage is too low, then the docking machine can not work properly; docking should be aligned on the interface, otherwise Will cause insufficient docking area requirements, weld strength is not enough, and curling not into; heating plate when the pipe interface is not disposed of clean, or hot plate with oil, sediment and other impurities, will cause the interface to disconnect the water leakage; heating time To control, and heating time is short, tube heat-absorbing time is not enough, will cause the weld seam is too small, the heating time is too long, will cause the weld seam is too large, it is possible to form Weld.

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