Air valve

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The automatic air valve is mounted on the pump discharge port and the high point of the force main to prevent the formation of capitation or vacuum conditions in the pressure body. These valves are automatic devices with a float that opens when the float is collected in the valve body to exhaust air. When the waste water enters, the buoy lifts by buoyancy and closes the hole at the valve outlet, so that the fluid is not drained. The waste water air valve typically has an elongated or conical body to prevent clogging, a sloping bottom to promote drainage and 316 stainless steel internal components to withstand the corrosive nature of waste water and waste gas.


Air valve

The importance of air valves can not be ignored. They not only maintain the flow efficiency of the pipeline by draining the accumulated air, but also perform many other functions, including surge control after pump outages, by rapidly receiving air to prevent the formation of vacuum bags during column separation. However, please note that maintaining the equipment in waste water services is always a challenging and dirty job. A field study shows that the use of welded internal coating and 316 stainless steel decoration, can reduce air valve maintenance

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