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The automatic air valves are installed on the pump discharge and at high points on the force main to prevent air pockets or vacuum conditions from forming in the force main. These valve are automatic devices with floats that open to expel air when it collects in the valve body. When wastewater enters, the float lifts by buoyancy and closes the orifice in the outlet of the valve so the fluid is not expelled. The wastewater air valves often feature elongated or conical bodies to prevent clogging, a sloped bottom to facilitate drainage and Type SS316 internal components to withstand the corrosive nature of wastewater and wastewater gasses.

The importance of air valves cannot be overlooked. They not only maintain the flow efficiency of a pipeline by venting accumulated air, but also perform many other functions, including surge control after pump power failure by admitting air rapidly to prevent the formation of a vacuum pocket during column separation. Note, however, that maintaining equipment in wastewater service is always a challenging and dirty job. One field study demonstrated that air valve maintenance can be reduced by the use of fusion-bonded interior coatings and Type SS316 trim.

Dual Body Combination High Speed Air Vent Valve

Ductile Iron Air Release Valve Single Orifice

Single Opening Exhaust Air Valve