Application of wafer type soft sealing butterfly valve in the third sewage treatment plant of a city

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In 2022, TJL will supply the third municipal sewage treatment plant project. Modern sewage treatment technology can be divided into primary treatment, secondary treatment and tertiary treatment according to the degree of treatment. Generally speaking, the degree of sewage treatment can be determined according to the water quality and the flow direction of the treated water. The valves used in each stage are also different.

The main supplies of the sewage treatment project include cast steel gate valve, check valve, ball valve, cast steel stop valve and wafer type soft sealing butterfly valve. As the wastewater from the sewage treatment plant is particularly corrosive, common strong acid and strong alkaline, the materials of valves and pipelines are selected in favor of stainless steel 316 and titanium alloy, which have strong corrosion resistance.

The sewage treatment plant project is one of the sewage treatment projects for many times. Yaoxin has a lot of experience in valve selection of sewage treatment projects and has put forward many constructive suggestions in communicating with customers.

For example, in the selection of butterfly valves, we suggest to use wafer type soft sealing butterfly valves with reliable sealing performance. The valve body design can meet all standard wafer connection of the same specification. The sealing surface adopts EPDM glue, which can realize two-way sealing. The plastic thickness in the valve body reaches 300um, which can effectively prevent the erosion of the medium on the valve body. If the customer wants to use stainless steel valve body, we greatly reduce the customer's purchase cost and ensure the durability of the valve.

The rubber flap check valve adopts the full flow area design, which has the characteristics of small head loss, not easy to accumulate debris, simple maintenance, etc. the valve is suitable for bedroom installation, and can be installed at the water pump or pipe outlet to prevent backflow and water hammer damage to the pump.

The ball valve is suitable for switching and shut-off valves. As the ball valve structure only needs the ball to rotate 90 ° to open and close, the opening speed is fast, and the full-diameter ball valve basically has no flow resistance. The sealing surface is made of PTFE to effectively resist the corrosion of various media on the sealing surface. The rubber flap check valve, wafer soft sealing butterfly valve and ball valve are all suitable for installation in the anaerobic tank. By using the role of anaerobic bacteria, the organic matter , acidified and treated, the organic matter in the wastewater can be removed, and the biodegradability of the wastewater can be improved, which is conducive to the subsequent good oxidation treatment.

Advantages of cast steel gate valve: small fluid resistance and small scouring and erosion of sealing surface by medium. It is easy to open and close. The flow direction of the medium is not restricted, the flow is not disturbed, and the pressure is not reduced. The utility model has the advantages of simple structure, long and short structure, good manufacturing process, many optional materials under various working conditions and wide application range. Therefore, the cast steel gate valve is applicable to the primary sedimentation tank to detect and control the operating parameters and status of the sludge staggering tank, sludge digestion tank, sludge dehydrator and drying equipment. The sludge tank contains wear-resistant granular media such as metal chips, which is easy to cause wear to the valve seal.

Cast steel stop valve is a forced sealing valve, which is a valve with regulating function in the shut-off valve. The forced sealing surface is not easy to leak, the opening height is not high, it is easy to manufacture and maintain, and it is applicable to all pressure levels. Therefore, the cast steel stop valve is applicable to the regulating tank to regulate the water quantity and quality, control the pH value and water temperature of sewage, reduce the impact of poisons, have the function of pre aeration, and can also be used as accident drainage. The regulating tank plays a key role. The PII value has a corrosive effect on the water treatment equipment. It has a corrosive effect on the equipment and pipelines in the sewage treatment process, affecting the service life.

China's water pollution situation is becoming more and more serious, and the sewage treatment and reuse industry has received unprecedented attention. In the sewage treatment pipeline system, valves play a very important role. TJL has contributed to water pollution and sewage treatment.