AWWA Butterfly Valve

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Butterfly valves are used to prevent and isolate the flow of fluid in industrial sectors. They are easy to handle and very fast in control the flow. They are majorly preferred by the customers because of its low cost and light weight. There are different types of butterfly valves are available in the market for wide range of uses and pressures.

 The AWWA Butterfly Valve have to be meet the standards and norms of AWWA standard C504. Every manufacturer assures that every design of valve is better than the previous one. AWWA butterfly valve doesn’t leak from anywhere and won’t damage by corrosion.

They are easy to maintain and possess low maintenance cost and perform amazingly well in worst conditions. Before manufacturing these butterfly valves they ensure the thickness of shell, torque capabilities and material of construction.

These AWWA Butterfly valves are not vulnerable to corrosion which will deposit on the iron valve body and also on the fittings of pipe adjacent to it. They design their valves with thick wall-stainless steel which is resistant of corrosion and smooth.

They don’t use lesser mating seats because they are not corrosion resistant and can damage the fittings and rubber seats adjacent to it due to corrosion.Seats incorporated on the disc of valves can be removed, replaced and adjusted easily. These butterfly valves are very flexible and can be adjusted in every possible direction.

Their valve seats should be manufactured in way that permits replacement and removal easily at the time of installation. If it will not manufactured like this then every time this butterfly valve will go to repair and become a burden on the owner.

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