The Use of a Ball Valve

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China ball valve

The disc of a ball valve, a round sphere, rotates from 0°to 90°using the core around the axis of rod to open or close the valve.

For a ball valve can be used in many ways, it can be used in the pipeline to cut or adjust medium. Besides, a three-way ball valve can cut flexibly, distribute and change the direction of medium. The sealing surface is not easy to erode by medium for its closeness. And it can be used to many working conditions with water, gas, acid, solvent because it is easy to manipulate with simple structure.

By the structure, ball valves can be divided into three types, i.e. floating ball valves, fixed ball valves and elastic ball valves. By the sealing performance, there has two types, like hard-sealing ball valves and soft-sealing ball valves, and the better is the soft-sealing for its zero leakage. So, this product is generally used in normal temperature and pressure pipelines with corrosive media. And the other is not only can be used in this working condition but also low temperature and pressure and high temperature and pressure pipelines.

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