Brief introduction of a gate valve

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A gate valve is widely used for all types of applications and are suitable for both above ground and underground installation. It is vital to choose the right type of valve to avoid high replacement costs. Their part advantages and applications just are as follows:

Applications: A gate valve is mainly applied in DN15-1400mm caliber pipes and equipment. It is widely used. The dominate application is to cut the flow not to reduce it.

Advantages: It’s seal-ability is better than that of a globe valve, and fluid impedance is small with easy to open and close. When it is fully open,the sealing face is less eroded, and it is not restricted by the flow of medium. Besides, Gate valves feature double-flow and smaller structural length, resulting in a wide applicable range.

But a gate valve also has disadvantages: Their size and opening height is huge and they need larger installment space. When it is open and close, the friction between sealing surfaces is easy to cause scratch. And their two sealing surfaces will adding to the difficulty to processing, grinding and maintenance.

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