Brief Introduction to the Current Situation Of Control Valve Model

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The first self-operated regulators are the prototype of control valves. The oldest structure is a spherical valve with a weight for control, using the fluid influence offered by the weight balance core. This product developed into a )self-operated regulator using valve’s pressure.


There were many types of products during the 1930s, and the spherical valve became the main. After the 40s, we have angle valve, butterfly valve, diaphragm valve, ball valve that appeared subsequently. They dominated the market successively and their types were very abundant. Sleeve valve went heeded and became the main product of ball valves after 60s. The new product invented in 70s was the cam flexing control valve, which has large capacity, simple flow path, smaller unbalance force. All of these advantages helped it to become the top in the valve field.

All kinds of valves became more perfect and have developed series during this time. In the 1990s, the control valve’s development turned new page for the appearance of intelligent valve.

The industry of pneumatic control valve started relatively late in China. These traditional main products designed and produced by them are still being used, such as single-seat regulating valve, double-seat regulating valve, three-way valve, high pressure valve, butterfly valve, valve positioner and so on.

Pneumatic control valve in this country progressed significantly since 1980s. Through importing foreign developed technologies, a lot of factories improved their product quality to research successively new products based on further standardization and serialization, i.e. side-mounted pneumatic control valve and light control valves.

Today’s valve market competition is fierce. The control valve factories can dominate it only by constant innovation.


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