Brief Introduction to Working Principles, Applications, and Working Conditions of a Butterfly Valve

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Due to the friction motion of butterfly valves, most butterfly valves could be used for medium with suspended solid particles. It also can be used for medium with powder and granule according to its sealing strength.

A butterfly valve is short in structural length and overall height, and fast in opening and closing. When it is fully opened, it has smaller fluid resistance. When it is opened at 15°to 70°, the flow can be controlled accurately.

Our company believes that you can choose butterfly valves in these cases:

You need to throttle control and adjust fluid flow

The medium contains mud and solid particles

The structural length of a valve is required to be short

The speed of opening and closing should be high

The differential pressure is smaller.

Besides, you can use butterfly valve in the condition of two-position adjustment, channels with necking, low noise, cavitation and gasification existing, leaking to atmosphere modestly, and corrosive medium existing.

To use butterfly valve in the special working condition in which throttle control and sealing should be stricter, or in the working conditions with severe corrosion and low temperature (deep cooling), you need to choose special designed hermetic metal double-eccentric and three-eccentric center butterfly valve with actuating device.

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