butterfly valve price

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Butterfly valve price list, butterfly valve price according to butterfly valve size, brand, technical parameters, butterfly valve price is different, so the price of butterfly valve, you need to understand the valve product ordering process and instructions, according to customer needs to design different butterfly valve products, As a professional butterfly valve manufacturer, we guarantee to provide customers with high quality and low price butterfly valves.


Butterfly valve ordering process:

1. Customer purchase list fax to email
2, received the customer purchase list, to provide customers with valve model selection and quotation (price list).
3. Specific agreement: delivery date, special requirements, etc.


Butterfly valve ordering instructions:

1. If the customer has special requirements for the product, the following instructions must be provided in the order contract:
a. Structure length
b. Connection Type;
c. Nominal diameter
d. Product use medium and temperature, pressure range;
e. Tests, inspection standards and other requirements.
2. The factory can configure all kinds of driving devices according to customer's specific requirements.
3. If the type and model of the valve are determined by the customer, the customer shall correctly state the meaning and requirements of the model, and sign the contract under the condition that the supplier and the buyer understand each other.
4, futures, ordering customers, please call the letter to tell the required valve model, specifications, quantity and delivery time and location.