Butterfly Valve

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The TJL family of companies has reintroduced the new type TJL butterfly valve line, a group of flow control products specifically built to handle a wide range of extreme, sterile and chemical transportation and storage conditions, with three new offerings within the TJL butterfly valve line: the STERILE-SEAL, the SAFETY-SEAL and the MOBILE-SEAL.


Butterfly Valve

The TJL butterfly valves provide critical shut-off duties and manage the flow of acidic, caustic, abrasive or toxic media that could severely damage or be too challenging for other valve systems. STERILE-SEAL type butterfly valves are designed for applications where completely sterility is required, such as in the pharmaceutical and food and beverage production industries. The STERILE-SEAL is only available with a PTFE liner, and offers a unique external sterilization option: ‘dead’ areas of the valve, along with the disc, body  and inner seals, can be thoroughly sterilized with steam and allow no possibility of contact with internal media. The SAFETY-SEAL is specifically designed to negate charge build up and dissipate static. Finally, the TJL butterfly valve is intended for tanker vehicles, railway wagons, fluid storage silos and other containers where dangerous media are contained.


The TJL butterfly valve line is offered with a wide range of accessories, including standard handles, locking handles, gear operators and air actuators.

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