About Wafer Butterfly Valve

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About China butterfly valve

Wafer butterfly valve are used in industrious pipelines since it is the most common valve. It has so small structure that the fluid medium will be controlled easily when a double-end stud is put through the pipe flange and itself. It is especially applicable to narrow space or places with short distance between pipelines. When a butterfly valve is fully opened, the thickness of disc becomes the only resistance for medium. So, it features good controlling for the low pressure difference.

The instruction about wafer butterfly valves before installation:

1. Before installation, the filth should be cleaned by air and the pipe inside should be washed by water.

2. Check the consistency carefully about valve use and its specification. Check whether operational conditions (e.g. temperature, pressure, etc.) are in consistent with its specifications;

3. Check the internal valve, and clean it if there has any filth.

4. A valve should be installed timely after unpacking, and please do not release at will any fastening bolt or nut.

5. A wafer butterfly valve should be used with exclusive flange.

6. An electronic butterfly valve could be installed at any angle of pipelines. It is not recommended that the valve be inverted for maintenance.

7. It is necessary to ensure the disc of a butterfly valve aligns to the sealing rubber when it is being installed. And the screws should be tightened, and the sealing face should be fit completely. Since if the bolts are tightened by uneven force, the rubber will be bulged and the disc will be jammed, or will cause leakage in the stem due to the disc was stuck.

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