Butterfly valve installation and maintenance

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Butterfly valve transportation and butterfly valve storage

1. During the handling of the butterfly valve, the two sealing surfaces should be protected to prevent bumps.

2. The butterfly valve should be stored in rainproof, dustproof and dry place, so that the butterfly plate is in the state of opening 5°-10° and covered to prevent debris from entering the sealing surface.

Butterfly valve installation and use precautions

1. Before installation, check whether the specifications, pressure, temperature and corrosion resistance of the butterfly valve meet the requirements for use. The parts should be inspected for damage or looseness.

2. The butterfly valve can be installed on the pipe at any angle, and should be closed for installation; when welding the pipe flange, the valve sealing port should be blocked by the plate to prevent particles and debris from damaging the sealing surface, and the valve is removed after welding. Clean the sealing surface and the inner cavity of the pipe before installing the fixed valve.

3. When installing, please pay attention to the pressure direction of the valve closed state, the installation of the ordinary pipeline valve (Fig. 1), and the installation of the valve before the pump (Fig. 2).

4. Thoroughly wipe the sealing surface (end sealing surface, butterfly sealing surface, valve seat sealing surface) before installation to remove dust and dirt.

5. The butterfly valve should be tested before installation. The opening and closing should be flexible, and the opening and closing position should be consistent with the position of the mark.

6. Manual operation is clockwise to close, counterclockwise is open, and the valve is not allowed to open and close after the indication is in place.

7. When the valve is subjected to pressure test, it is not allowed to use a single flange for installation and pressure test. It must be installed with double flange (see Figure 3). The test pressure should meet the requirements of GB/T13927-92.

8. When tightening the bolts, they should be tightened symmetrically and alternately.

9. The limit screw has been adjusted before leaving the factory and is not allowed to be adjusted easily. If the drive unit is configured to be electric or pneumatic, please refer to the manual for the drive unit.

10. The electric butterfly valve has adjusted the opening and closing stroke of the control mechanism when it leaves the factory. In order to prevent the wrong direction when the power is turned on, the user must manually open to the half-open position before turning on the power for the first time, and then press the jog switch to check that the direction of the dial is the same as the valve opening direction.

11. If the valve is found to be abnormally opened and closed, the cause should be identified for repair and removal, and the valve should be prevented from being opened and closed by the force method to cause damage to the valve.