Cautions for butterfly valve maintenance

Author:butterfly valve     Published time:2019-09-08 08:18     Reading times:3158    

Everyone knows the importance of equipment selection, but everyone spent a lot of time and money to choose excellent electric butterfly valve, but did not achieve the desired effect, what is the reason for this?

On the one hand, they don't know much about butterfly valves, so they don't know how to use this new product reasonably. On the other hand, they lack core technology in the later maintenance work, which makes the butterfly valves of good quality lose their function.

Speaking of the electric butterfly valve device, let's remind us to pay attention to safety issues. In order to make butterfly valves smoothly debugged and tested after installation, it is necessary to ensure that the workplace is safe and try to prevent the use of butterfly valves in the environment with large temperature difference. The environment with huge temperature difference will make the sealing performance of butterfly valves present problems and can not reach the rational operation condition. At the same time, the tightness of butterfly valves is best accomplished at low pressure, so we need to adjust the air pressure in the workplace. In addition, when we install butterfly valves, we should keep the control elements in a closed position to prevent safety problems after the line is connected.

When protecting the electric butterfly valve, we should try our best to keep the whole equipment in a ventilated environment. Preventing excessive grease stains and blocking the pipeline of the butterfly valve will greatly affect the role and role of the whole equipment. In addition, in order to make butterfly valve operation more stable, we should fix it on the stable equipment. There are many rules and operating specifications for the installation and protection of butterfly valves. We'd better let professionals undergo technical training and then specialize in handling and operating.