California to Surpass Florida as Largest Market for Water Reuse

Author:     Published time:2016-10-18 09:33     Reading times:847    

U.S. water reuse capacity to increase 58% in next ten years 

From California to Florida, water reuse (the process of recycling wastewater) is taking off in states facing drought and scarcity. Municipal wastewater reuse capacity is expected to increase 58% from 2016 through 2026, From 2016 to 2026, CAPEX investment in reuse is expected to total US $11 billion.

36% and 26% of currently planned reuse capacity additions, respectively in California and Florida account. The most installed reuse capacity to date with 6.3 million m3/d because of its long commitment to reuse to improve water quality and guarantee adequate supply for a growing population in Florida.

“The greatest opportunity for reuse market growth is provided by California, backed by US$4.3 billion of planned activity, an improving regulatory environment, and its well-documented drought,” says Bonney Casey. “So far projects have taken years to develop, but given the recent supply concerns, we anticipate a more streamlined process going forward, particularly for potable applications.”