Characteristics and Application of Rubber Joint

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1. Rubber joint overview:

   Rubber joints, also known as flexible rubber joints, flexible rubber joints, rubber soft joints, rubber expansion joints, and so on.

   The product consists of inner and outer plastic, ply and bead ring composed of tubular rubber parts, the high temperature, high pressure vulcanization molding and then with the metal flange or a combination of loose sets of parallel joints. This product uses the rubber's high elasticity, high gas, dielectric resistance, and resistance to radiation and other advantages can reduce vibration and noise, and temperature changes due to thermal expansion and contraction caused by compensation, widely used in Various piping systems.

2. Rubber joint features:

The internal high density, can withstand high pressure, good elastic deformation.

3. Rubber joint advantages: reduce vibration, noise reduction, lightweight.

4. Rubber joint Use: with pumps, valves, fire  connection, vibration of the larger pipes, hot and cold frequent changes in the pipeline.

 5. Rubber joint Applicable medium: seawater, fresh water, hot and cold water, drinking water, domestic sewage, crude oil, fuel oil, lubricating oil, refined oil, air, gas, steam and granular powder.

6. Rubber joint classification:

1. According to the use of performance: divided into general, special, heat three categories.

 General categories: suitable for transport temperature -15 ~ 80 degree Celsius water, the concentration of 10% or less acid solution or alkaline solution.

Special categories: for special performance requirements, such as oil, seizure resistance, ozone resistance, abrasion resistance or chemical corrosion.

 Heat-resistant class: suitable for conveying the water temperature higher than 80 degree Celsius

2. According to the structure: divided into single sphere, double sphere, three sphere, elbow sphere.

3. By product and pipe connection form: can be divided into flange connection, threaded connection and clamp connection