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Check valve types According to different materials, different structures, different types, check valve types are various, we define check valve types according to different needs

China check valve structure classification

According to the structure, it can be divided into three types: lift check valve, swing check valve and butterfly check valve:

1. Lifting check valves are divided into vertical and horizontal.

2. Swing-type check valves are divided into three types: single-lobed, double-lobed and multi-lobed.

3. The butterfly check valve is straight-through.

The above several types of check valves can be divided into four types: threaded connection, flanged connection, welded connection and clamped connection.

China check valve material classification

Cast iron check valve

2. Brass check valve

3. Stainless steel check valve

4. Carbon steel check valve

5. Forged steel check valve

China check valve function classification

1.DRVZ silent check valve


Stainless steel check valve

Stainless steel check valve

Silent check valve

3.NRVR silent check valve

4.SFCV rubber flap check valve

5.DDCV double-valve check valve