China ball valve classification

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China ball valve classification, today China ball valve manufacturer to introduce you in accordance with the classification of ball valve function and ball valve drive classification

China ball valve function classification

1, by-pass valve: ball valve is usually open to open water, it is set bypass pressure first pressure, that is, both sides filled with water;

2, air valve: When filling water, exclude the air to take off the valve on its own float; drainage, the air supplement, buoy drop on their own;

3, pressure relief valve: open the shut-off valve, the exclusion of pressure between the valve and the sealing cap water, so as not to wear the sealing cap;

4, sewage valve: discharge the lower part of the ball shell body of sewage.

China ball valve transmission classification

1, pneumatic ball valve

2, electric ball valve

3, hydraulic ball valve

4, pneumatic ball valve

5, electro-hydraulic ball valve

6, Turbine transmission ball valve

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