China Ball Valve Construction Plan and Precautions

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A. Precautions before Construction of China Ball Valve Manufacturers:

1. The depth of burial is in accordance with the gas construction regulations. If the depth of burial exceeds the construction regulations, protective tubes must be used.

2, after the excavation, remove the stones, gravel and other debris, and then use a layer of sand about 10cm thick to lay flat and press it well.

3. The piping of the ball valve and the connection knot shall be kept horizontal and shall be constructed after the vertical condition.

4, and other buried objects should be kept buried spacing distance: 1 District heating above 60 °C Buried objects: THP and other protection measures should be used to maintain more than 30cm distance. 2 Water supply pipe, electrical installations, communication cable: 30cm or more. 3 Downpipe: 20cm or more.

B. China ball valve manufacturers should pay attention to the use of butt welding:

1, to confirm the installation of the ball valve location: when there is water or moisture on the ground, change the installation position or completely remove the water or moisture, ensure that the site does not sink, must press the foundation firmly, then adjust the pipe to Level with the ground.

2. One end of the pipe is first fixed to the fusion splicer and the package of the ball valve is opened. One end of the ball valve is fixed. If the fixed length of the butt welding machine is not enough, two fixed machines can be used to fix the ball valve. The other end of the ball valve is fixed. Fix the machine to the same height. Fixing → Surface machining → Heating plate installation → Pressurization welding → Heating maintenance → Bonding → Cooling → Fusion welding machine separation.

3. After the tube at the other end is fixed, it is welded according to the welding method.


1. The arrow on the upper side of the ball valve must be consistent with the flow direction of the gas when it is required to work;

2. To prevent the inflow of foreign substances in the ball valve during the welding operation, use the packaging bag to block the inner surface of the ball valve;

3, pipe and ball valve should be welded horizontally and vertically;

4. After the welding machine is separated, it takes about 30 minutes to cool;

5. Remove the T-ball valve handle from the box. After the assembly, insert the handle into the knob. Note: Use the "T" handle to test the ball valve's switching state;

6, to confirm whether the ball valve switch action: ball valve ADAPTER straight PE pipe length and direction must be marked (-) is now open. The vertical direction mark (‖) is off. CLOSE: Rotate ADAPTER 90° clockwise in the open position. ON (ON): Rotate ADAPTER 90° counterclockwise in the off state. GEAR BOX's TOP ADAPTER 룰 180°, swivel arrow 90° switch fully closed (FULL CLOSE), fully open (FULL open) state cannot be opened or closed.

7, using the ball valve leak test;

8, the ball valve knob around the use of sand laying.

C. China ball valve manufacturers use electric fuse sleeves

1, to confirm the location of the installation of ball valve: When there is water or moisture on the ground, please change the installation position or complete the water or moisture, in order to ensure that the site does not sink. It is necessary to press the foundation firmly and then adjust the tube to a level with the ground.

2. Tube: Check if the tube is cut off at right angles. If it is not at a right angle, it should be cut off again.

3. Scratch ball valve and pipe surface: Connect the pipe surface and the pipe surface of the ball valve, and mark the length of about 20% when inserting the connecting pipe. The mark part must all be scraped. The thickness of scraping is 0.2mm. After the pipe surface is scraped Remove the packaging of the connecting sleeve and insert the tube completely into the connecting tube. (Insert the STOPPER key and insert it.)

Note: The scraping of the pipe surface is the most important task for connecting the sleeve, so the pipe surface must be scraped clean.

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