China Butterfly Valves-Installation Steps of a Wafer Butterfly Valve

Author:Butterfly Valve manufacturer     Published time:2017-12-07 16:00     Reading times:1137    

China butterfly valves installation involves many aspects, so customers should understand the process of China's butterfly valve installation.

1. Place the valve between the two pre-installed flanges and the bolt holes should be aligned fully;

2.Insert four pairs bolts and nuts into flange holes lightly, and tighten the nuts closely to calibrate the flatness in the flange face;

3.Fix the flange on the pipeline using spot welding;

4.Move the valve out;

5.Fix the flange on the pipeline entirely;

6.When the welded junctions are cooled, the valve can be installed in order to prevent it from damage with enough space, and to provide certain space for the disc to open.;

7.Calibrate the valve places and tight the four pairs bolts and nuts. (Be careful not to screw it too tight)

8.Open the valve to make the disc off-on freely, and make the disc open slightly;

9.Crossly and evenly tighten all nuts;

10.Reconfirm the valve could be on-off freely. Attention: affirm the disc does not touch the pipeline.

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