China Check Valve - Multi-purpose silent check valve

Author:China Check Valve manufacturers     Published time:2018-08-25 10:52     Reading times:877    

China Check Valve - Multi-purpose silent check valve product use】

China multi-functional silent check valve is mainly used in high-rise buildings, the outlet of pressurized water pump, the valve automatically opens slowly when the pump is turned on; when the pump stops, it realizes quick closing and slow closing in two stages, which can completely eliminate the water hammer.


【China Check Valve-Multifunctional Silent Check Valve Features】

1. It can replace the butterfly valve, gate valve, etc. at the outlet of the pump, and is an integrated multi-purpose valve.

2, no vibration, no noise, stable performance, safe and reliable

3, small size, light weight, simple structure

4, good sealing effect, anti-friction, long service life

【China Check Valve - Multi-functional silent check valve product standard】

The products are designed, manufactured and accepted in strict accordance with China's GB, HG standards and US API standards. The hardness of the sealing surface meets the requirements of the state and the width exceeds the national standard.