China Gate Valve-Ductile Iron Pneumatic Knife Gate Valve

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China Gate Valve Application Industry


Services include: energy, petrochemical, metallurgy, chemical, mining, paper making, environmental protection, biochemistry, pharmaceuticals, petroleum, electricity, printing and dyeing, light industry, food, tobacco, sugar, beverages and other fields.


China Gate Valves introduction


Ductile Iron Pneumatic Knife Gate Valve is a kind of gate valve, is the straight stroke cut-off valve, knife gate valve plate head with oblique edge, the media has a certain cut-off effect, suitable for containing fiber and solid particulate media and sewage treatment systems, Peiyu manual, pneumatic, electric actuators, widely used in papermaking, mining, chemical, sewage treatment process control system.


China Gate Valve Features


1, the valve with the overall design, fluid resistance, flexible and convenient operation.

2, manual knife gate valve screw drive with double plane bearing design, making the transmission friction greatly reduced, so the valve open light and smooth.

3, the knife valve seal seat with a movable seal, and the use of O-ring preload to provide pre-tightening the seal seat close to the valve, the amount of leakage greatly reduced on the long-term use of seal wear automatic compensation function to improve The service life.

4, fixed guide claws, no groove design, not easy to cause media accumulation or jamming.

5, The valve seat can choose metal hard seal or soft seal according to the requirement of medium and working conditions: The gate adopts the chrome plating or ion nitriding on the surface to make the gate more wear-resistant and the service life of the sealing surface is longer; the soft sealing is optional PTFE seat or reinforced PTFE seat or EPDM, NBR, good sealing, corrosion-resistant.

6, the media to adapt to a wide range: good sealing performance and economic practicality, operation can be manual, pneumatic, electric, practical range is very wide.


China Gate Valve technical parameters

Nominal Diameter:        DN40–DN2000

Nominal Pressure:        2Bar-10Bar

Design Standard:          MSS-SP81

FTF Dimension:            MSS-SP81

Flange Connection:     ASME B16.5 CL150/DIN 2501 PN10-16/

                                       EN1092 PN10-16 /ISO 7005-2/JIS B2212 10K

Inspection and Test:    MSS-SP81/ISO 5208/API598

Material List:

No. Item          Material               Symbol

1. Body           Ductile Iron          GGG25/GGG40

2. Disc            Stainless Steel     2Cr13/201//304/316/316L

3. Stem           Stainless Steel     2Cr13/304/316/316L

4. Seat            Elastomer            Working temperature

                       EPDM                   -45℃-135℃

                       NBR                     -10℃-80℃

                       VITON                  -20℃-150℃

5. O-ring         EPDM                  -45℃-135℃

                       NBR                     -10℃-80℃

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