China Gate Valve-Stainless Steel Gate Valve

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China Gate Valve-Stainless Steel Gate Valve introduction

Stainless steel gate valve: the valve body, valve cover, gate, gate rod using stainless steel, seat sealing surface of PTFE, stainless steel + hardfacing or hardfacing carbide, filler generally used carbide, PTFE Ethylene, asbestos or flexible graphite. Nominal size DN15 ~ DN800, working pressure 1.6MPa ~ 20.0MPa, suitable temperature ≤ 200 ℃, suitable for nitric acid, weak corrosive medium pipeline.

China Gate Valve-Stainless Steel Gate Valve Features

Using austenitic stainless steel, the oxidation of acid medium has good corrosion resistance.
When the medium flows through the stainless steel gate valve does not change its flow direction, fluid resistance is small.
Gate direction of motion and medium flow perpendicular to the opening and closing torque, opening and closing more effort.
The flow direction of the medium is not restricted, the flow is not disturbed, the pressure is not reduced, and the medium can flow in any direction from both sides of the gate valve to achieve the purpose of use, which is most suitable for the pipeline in which the medium flow direction may be changed.
The gate is placed vertically in the valve body and has a short construction length.

Good sealing performance. Fully open when the sealing surface erosion by smaller.

Product Details: Stainless Steel Gate Valve

Nominal Diameter:         1/4"–2"

Nominal Pressure:         CL150-CL1500

Design Standard:            API 602/ SB 5352/ ASME B16.34

FTF Dimension:              ASME B16.10/EN558/DIN3202

Socket-welding ends:    ASME B16.11

Inspection and Test:      API6D/API598

Stainless Steel Gate Valve Material List:

No. Item      Material               Symbol

1. Body       Forged steel        A105/ F304/ F316/ F304L/ F316L/ F5/ F11/ F22

2. Wedge   Forged steel         A105/ F304/ F316/ F304L/ F316L/ F5/ F11/ F22

3. Stem      Stainless Steel     ASTM A182 F6a/F304/ F316/ F320

4. Seat        Forged steel        A105/ F304/ F316/ F304L/ F316L/ F5/ F11/ F22