China Gate Valve-DIN Standard CF8 Gate Valve

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China Gate Valve- DIN Standard CF8 Gate Valve Introduction


China gate valve - China gate valve manufacturer TJL indusry group is a professional manufacturer of CF8 gate valve, CF8 gate valve of a stainless steel, CF8 is the American Standard ASTM A351 standard austenitic stainless steel grades, CF8 gate valve with a switch light, sealed Reliable, flexible and good memory life and other significant advantages.


China Gate Valve- DIN Standard CF8 Gate Valve Product Details:

Nominal Diameter:       DN40–DN600

Nominal Pressure:       16Bar/25Bar/40Bar

Design Standard:         DIN EN12288-2003

FTF Dimension:           DIN EN1092-1 F4/F5

Flange Connection:     DN EN558-1: 1995

Inspection and Test:    DIN EN12266:2003

Material List:


No. Item                      Material                                         Symbol

1. Body/Bonnet           Stainless Steel/Carbon Steel            CF8/ CF8M/WCB 

2. Disc                        Stainless Steel/Carbon Steel             CF8/ CF8M/WCB 

3. Stem                       Stainless Steel/Ductile Iron                13Cr/ F304/ F316

4. Packing                   Graphite

5. Gasket                    Graphite

6. Bolt                         ASTM A193-B7/B8/B8M                  ASTM A193-B7/B8/B8M

7. Nut                          ASTM A194-2H/8/8M                      ASTM A194-2H/8/8M

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