China gate valve packing leakage

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China gate valve packing leakage situation, China's gate valve packing leakage analysis.


1. Improper operation, excessive force caused leakage of the gate valve packing;

2. The number of packing turns is not sufficient, and the gland is not pressed into the packing of the gate valve;

3. The filler exceeds the application period, has aged, and loses the leakage of the elastic gate valve filler;

4. The precision of the valve stem is not high, and there is a lack of buckling, corrosion, wear, etc., which is leaking at the filler of the gate valve;

5. The packing is installed incorrectly, there is a small gap, the spiral disk is not good enough, and the looseness is loose.

6. The gland, screw, and other components are destroyed, so that the gland cannot be pressed into the gate valve packing to leak;

7. China gate valve packing is wrong, it is not resistant to medium corrosion, and it is not resistant to high pressure or vacuum, high temperature or low temperature.

8. The gate of the gate valve is skewed, and the gap between the gland and the valve stem is too small or too large, so that the valve stem is worn and the filler is destroyed.

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