China solenoid valve - 2L11 Selenoid Valve

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China Selenoid Valve Features:

TJL INDUSTRY GROUP CO.,LIMITED 2L11 Selenoid Valve is tailor-made with special low-temperature resistant materials, compact design, beautiful appearance, special coils, not easy to burn, piston structure, durable wear, reliable quality, low temperature up to -200 ° C, suitable for liquid Nitrogen, liquid ammonia, liquid oxygen and ultra-low temperature refrigerants are common pipeline switching components in automatic control systems. Stainless steel ultra-low temperature solenoid valves are widely used in freezer, gas, petrochemical, HVAC, fire, shipbuilding, Environmentally friendly and other industrial pipeline installations.

Product Details:  2L11 Selenoid Valve

Characteristic: (1)pilot operated


                         (2)ok to work in steam environment

                         (3)working in pipeline system.

Medium: steam, hot water, oil, etc

Temperature: PTFE seal: -60 to 200 degrees centigrade.

                          VITON seal: -30 to 150 degrees centigrade.

Pressure: 0.03Mpa to 1.6Mpa

Port size: 1/2", 3/4", 1", 1-1/4", 1-1/2", 2"

Port thread: BSPP, BSPT, NPT

Orifice(mm): 15,20,25,32,40,50

Voltage: DC12V, DC24V


              AC24V, AC120V, AC240V / 60Hz,   AC110V, AC220V/50Hz

Tolerance: plus or minus 10%

Coil: 50VA(AC), 20W(DC), IP65, 100% ED.

Material: Body: Brass

               Seal: PTFE, VITON

               Plunger: Stainless steel

               Spring:  SS304

China 2L11 Selenoid Valve application areas:

Aerospace power, shipbuilding, petrochemical, electric power, light industry, machinery, scientific research, refrigeration equipment, fire protection, pipeline media automation and other fields.

China 2L11 Selenoid Valve Features:

1, liquid, gaseous can be mixed to improve the use of the valve

2, the use of imported original sealing materials, life is ten times similar products

3, high-precision CNC machine tool processing, to ensure the accuracy and flexibility of the solenoid valve

4, the use of special plastic sealing coils, improve the reliability of the valve and waterproof, moisture-proof

5. The horizontal design coil is installed upwards; the action response is rapid; the valve body material adopts hot forging process, and the appearance is beautiful and compact.