China valve manufacturer need to improve technology

Author:China valve manufacturer     Published time:2017-12-02 07:46     Reading times:1045    

China valve manufacturer competition trend

       In recent years, China's valve manufacturers increasingly fierce market competition, especially in the lower technology threshold of low-end general-purpose valve products, many practitioners, serious homogeneity of products, excess capacity, profit levels continue to decline, many valve companies In order to survive by expanding exports, the export value of valve products increases with each passing year. However, some Chinese valve manufacturers product quality is not too hard, shoddy, undermining the interests of domestic industry and China's valve exports of the image. Cause the valve industry export profit margins continue to decline. Want to get the approval of the international market, China's valve manufacturers need to improve the technology to ensure quality.

China valve manufacturer future product positioning

       The next 10 years, thermal power, nuclear power, hydropower, large-scale petrochemicals, oil and gas pipelines, coal liquefaction and metallurgy and other major projects supporting the construction of new valves will be the development focus, is expected to lead the rapid growth of the entire valve market. Chinese valve manufacturers in the development of these new valves, should pay attention to the promotion of new technology applications, such as the development of long-distance pipelines large-diameter integral ball valve should be used in the overall welding technology; to improve the valve sealing surface corrosion resistance and erosion resistance, a few manufacturers Has begun to use supersonic flame spraying tungsten carbide process, should pay attention to the use of nanoscale materials on the sealing surface modification, and laser cladding technology development.

China Valve manufacturer international situation

       Valve demand is greatly affected by the international economic environment. Valve manufacturers in China should actively respond to them and enhance their resilience to international trade risks. While expanding their exports, they can not relax domestic market development. Qualified enterprises can upgrade their industries and move toward high-end valve products such as petroleum, nuclear power and other key national development areas. China's valve manufacturers can also consider new subdivisions such as warm water diversion valves that require large quantities of valves and enhance their capabilities Engineering supporting capacity and improve the added value of valve products.