China valve selection

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China valve selection, China valve variety, today China Valve Manufacturer from China valve type, transmission, valve materials and other parameters to choose their own valve.

1. Type: According to the needs of piping system design and the characteristics of various types of valves and installation and use factors, which valves are used.

2. Transmission mode: Select the valve transmission mode according to the valve parameters, functions, operation requirements and site conditions. Our company can provide users with various types of valves, manual, electric, pneumatic, hydraulic, electromagnetic, automatic, etc., and can also be selected according to user requirements.

3. Valve material: The material used on the valve is determined by its use condition (medium, temperature, pressure, etc.).

4. Nominal pressure: The working pressure at the specified temperature of the valve is the round integer value for reference. It is divided into different grades and is represented by PN. According to GB/T1048-1990, the national standard valve unit is MPa, and the grade valve is LB. Said.

5. Connection method: According to valve working conditions and installation requirements, different connection methods are selected, generally threaded connection, flange connection, butt welding connection, and clamp connection.

6. Structure length: The user has no special requirements and is manufactured according to the design standards (GB, API, ANSI, BS, etc.) executed by the valve.

7. Structural form: According to the working conditions (pressure, medium, temperature, installation position, etc.) and the structural characteristics of various valves, choose the strength and avoid the short.

8. Nominal diameter: selected according to the provisions of GB/T1047, expressed in DN, the unit is mm, the grade valve is represented by NPS, and the unit is (in).

9. According to the above points, the specific model of the valve can be basically determined. For the preparation of the valve type, see the next section. For the models of special, non-standard and pound-level valves, refer to JB/T308-1975 for self-compilation.

10. When selecting the valve, the valve material and model should be determined according to the "pressure temperature grade" of different materials according to the working conditions.