China's butterfly valve by the drive classification

Author:China butterfly valve     Published time:2018-01-08 06:59     Reading times:1180    

China butterfly valve in the field of global valve technology leader, today TJL indusry group in accordance with the drive, to introduce you to China's butterfly valve classification:

1, China Butterfly Valve - electric butterfly valve is a valve and electric control valve in a species. Electric butterfly valve connections are: Flange and wafer; electric butterfly valve seal are: rubber seals and metal seals. Electric butterfly valve through the power signal to control the butterfly valve switch. The product can be used as piping system shut-off valve, control valve and check valve. With manual control device, in the event of power failure, you can temporarily use manual operation, will not affect the use.

2, China Butterfly Valve - pneumatic butterfly valve is composed of pneumatic actuators and butterfly valves. Pneumatic butterfly valve is used with the rotation of the valve stem to do the opening and closing of the butterfly in order to achieve the opening of the pneumatic valve action, the main cut-off valve to use, can also be designed to regulate or segment valve and adjust the function, the current butterfly valve at low pressure Large and medium caliber pipe more and more use. Pneumatic butterfly valve classification: stainless steel pneumatic butterfly valve, pneumatic butterfly valve seal, soft sealing pneumatic butterfly valve, carbon steel pneumatic butterfly valve. The main advantages of pneumatic butterfly valve, simple structure, small size, light weight, low cost, pneumatic butterfly valve is particularly significant in this feature, installed in high-altitude road, through the two five-way solenoid valve control easy to operate, but also adjustable flow media.

3, China Butterfly Valve - also known as liquid 0.5 seconds butterfly valve liquid-controlled quick-closing valve, mainly used in steam turbine exhaust pipe, blast furnace gas pressure generating unit (TRT) and other high-level security system, and media for seawater, sewage, , Air, oil and other industrial pipe network for emergency shut-off valve.

4, China Butterfly Valve - butterfly butterfly valve installed in the pipe diameter direction. In the butterfly valve body cylindrical channel, the disc-shaped disc rotates about the axis, the rotation angle is between 0 ° -90 °, when rotated to 90 °, the valve is fully open state card. Butterfly valve structure is simple, small size, light weight, only a few components. And just turn 90 ° to quickly open and close, easy to operate, while the valve has good fluid control features.