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Valve industry as an important industry in Chinese manufacturing industry, its rise and development of the entire manufacturing industry play an important role. The rapid development of the entire manufacturing industry make it fresh, especially in recent years, the emergence of food-use valve develops a new road to the valve industry.

Before 1960s’ of last century, the earliest European valve production is based in France, Germany and other developed countries in Europe. But by the 1970s to 1980s, it turned to Italy, Spain and other countries. The export of Chinese valve is from about 1990s. This also means that the world's valve production basement gradually began to transfer to China.

Till august 2013, the national production of valves is 645,000 tons, down 1%; January-August 2013, the national production of valves is a total of 4.872 million tons, increase 3.12%. According to statistics, in 2013 China's valve market turnover is up to 500 billion Yuan, which fully shows the momentum development of China's valve industry.


At present the valve industry has become China's large-scale of light industry, the rapid development of the industry, but it is still not develop fast development, and not too much large and medium-sized valve business company, low-level quality product and so on. If you can seize the opportunity, the development space is still great.

2013 is a key year of China's in-depth implementation of the industrial transformation and upgrading of strategic planning year, high-quality valve manufacturing industry will meet an important development opportunities. Chinese economy has developed to an important period of transition, and the valve industry is a critical piece of the national strategic transformation.

With the rapid development of industrial technology, it has strict requirements to the valve industry, especially for the butterfly valve which is used in low-temperature media, in addition to meet the general performance of the valve, the more important is the low temperature valve seal Reliability, flexibility of movement and some other special requirements for cryogenic valves.

Although China is as known as the world's largest manufacturing county at present, the valve market is also the top one in the world. But the general level of Chinese valve is not high, especially the product quality, and it also has more problems. In recent years, the development of power plant valves, chemical valves, valve building materials and the rise of valves for food, this brings the valve market unlimited business opportunities and broad developed spaces.

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