Chinese valve industry needs to keep pace with the times

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With the time changing, the development of Chinese valve industry should also update, or fall behind is to be beaten. So, for the sustainable development of the valve brand, the valve business needs to change the traditional mode of production in order to keep up with the pace of time development.

The current mode of production can not keep pace with times.

From the past two years, the impact of the environment, makes the valve market into a sluggish state. In fact, the basic reason of the slowdown of the valve industry, and the valve business facing a huge survival crisis is not the environment in the doldrums, but the valve business has defaults. At present, the valve concept of enterprise development is still in place, lagging production model is still popular, many companies have failed to keep pace with times.

The current mode of production leads to low rates of return for business innovation.

Chinese valve industry needs to keep pace with the times

Valve industry as a manufacturing industry, has continued to be a labor-intensive mode of production, this model has been difficult to meet the needs of the current market competition, the nature of production relations determines the low productivity of enterprises. Therefore, in the valve industry, the continuation of the low-tech production model brings the biggest drawback is the homogeneity of products, low technological content, the threshold is relatively low, new enterprises are often cottage products, this results in the low rate of return of valve industry's innovative.

Valve enterprises need to change the existing relations of production to strengthen technological innovation. With the problem of increasingly serious homogenization, and now the valve industry has gradually infinite loop into a vicious competition cycle. In this critical situation, the valve companies need to be aware that low-cost, low-tech valve products are flooding the market, not only disrupt the consumer's desire to judge and buy, but also hindered the valve market mature transition. Therefore, if the valve business wants to improve production efficiency, it needs to change the existing production relations and increases investment in modern production lines to strengthen technological innovation.

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