Classification of valves

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According to the working principle, role, according to the structure to divide:

Mainly divided into: gate valve, globe valve, check valve, ball valve, butterfly valve, plug valve, diaphragm valve, safety valve, steam trap, throttle valve and special valve.

Classification of valves

By function:

Cut off type: used to turn on or off the pipeline medium, such as cut-off valve, gate valve, ball valve, butterfly valve, plug valve, diaphragm valve.

Non-return type: used to prevent media back flow, such as the check valve.

adjustment type: used to adjust the medium pressure and flow, such as regulating valve, reducing valve, throttle valve

Shunt: used to change the medium flow, distribution or diversion of media, such as three-way valve, steam trap, four-way valve.

Safety: When the medium pressure exceeds the specified value, it is used to discharge the surplus medium to ensure the safety of piping system and , such as safety valve and accident valve.

special purpose categories: such as vent valves, sewage valves and so on

By drive mode classification:

Manual: With hand wheel, handle, lever or sprocket, driven by manpower, transmission of large torque, equipped with worm gear, gears and other deceleration devices.

Electrical: driven by a motor or other electrical device.

Hydraulic: With (water, oil) to drive.

Pneumatic: driven by compressed air.

Electric hydraulic linkage, gas-liquid linkage.

By nominal pressure classification:

vacuum valve: absolute pressure <0.1MPa of the valve, usually mm Hg column or mm water column pressure.

Low-pressure valve: PN16 the following (including PN16) of the valve.

Medium pressure valve: PN25 ~ PN63 valve.

High pressure valve: PN100 ~ PN800 valve.

High pressure valve: PN1000 above (including PN1000) of the valve.

According to the work of the valve medium temperature classification:

ultra-low temperature valve: T < -101 of the valve;

Cryogenic valve: -101 T <-29 ;

Room temperature valve: -29 T 38 ;

Medium temperature valve: 38 <T 425 ;

High temperature valve: 425 <T 800 ;

ultra-high temperature valve: T> 800 .

According to the valve nominal diameter classification:

Small diameter valve: Nominal diameter is less than or equal to DN40 valve.

the diameter of the valve: DN50 ~ DN300 nominal diameter of the valve.

Large diameter valve: DN350 ~ DN1200 nominal diameter of the valve.

large diameter valves: DN1400 nominal diameter greater than or equal to the valve.

According to the connection with the pipeline classification:

Flange connection valve: The valve body has the flange, and the pipeline uses the flange connection valve.

Threaded valve: The valve body with internal or external thread, threaded connection with the pipeline valve.

Welded connection valve: Valve body with welding groove, with the pipe connected with the welding valve.

Clamp connection valve: the valve body with a clip, and the pipe clamp connected to the valve.