Commodity Valves Verses Custom Valves

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At times this brings up the question of whether commodity valves are going to do the job or if customized valves are required for each system in place and in production.

The custom valve market is growing in part due to the latest environmental standards put in place. As is the mission of, the education regarding both the importance of choosing the right type of valve for the job, and with regard to basic valve training and information becoming readily available to a large audience, is expanding.

Learning more about the many commodity valve models available can significantly aid one in determining the viability of using standard valves, verses custom valves. Recognition of the importance of this decision is helped by the increasing standardization of regulations related to valves and valve packings.

In order to reduce fugitive emissions release, the valve must fit appropriately within the system, must have the right packing, be packed properly, and the valve must be installed correctly. Members associated with the industrial valve community both inside and outside of the municipal district benefit from training provided by associations like the VMA which has both classroom and online seminars delivering instruction in valve training.

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