Comparative analysis of solenoid valve and electric valve

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The driven way of electric valve is generally used in motor and resistant to voltage shock. Solenoid valve is fast opening and shutting, generally used in small flow and pressure, compare opposite with the requiring of large frequent switching to electric valve. Electric valve opening can be controlled, the state has open, closed, half open half off, you can control the flow of media in the pipeline and the electromagnetic valve can not meet this requirement.

The circulation coefficient of solenoid valve is very small, and the work pressure difference is very small. Generally such as the 25-caliber solenoid valve flow coefficient is much smaller than 15-caliber electric ball valve. The driven way of solenoid valve is through the electromagnetic coil, is relatively easy to be damaged by voltage shock. It is equivalent to the role of switching, that is to open and shut.

Comparative analysis of solenoid valve and electric valve

1, solenoid valve can be reset after power outage, the electric valve have to add reset device in this case.

2, the switch form:

The driven way of electric valve drive is generally used in motor. The opening and shutting need a certain time to do imitate, you can do adjustment.

In this case, solenoid valve is through the coil drive, it can only open or shut, the switch action time is short.

3, the application of process:

Electric valve is generally used for regulation, but there are also switching capacity, such as: the end of fan coil.

Solenoid valve is used for some special process requirements, such as leakage, special fluid medium, and also the price is more expensive.

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