Critical Service Valve and Application

Author:     Published time:2016-10-17 13:47     Reading times:1127    

Another valve design that found great favor in many critical service applications is the triple-offset butterfly valve. Unlike non-offset butterfly valve, the triple offset design depend on torque to seal tightly, instead of disc position. Triple-offset butterfly valve can attain a very high degree of closure tightness.


The triple-offset is used more and more in critical applications such as the light-end, non-lubricated services in oil refineries. What’s more, their nearly friction-free metal or composite seating component enable the valve to be using in high-temperature applications. Both the metal-seated ball valve and the triple-offset butterfly valve has replaced gate valves in many process plant applications.


Since the valve research and development boom of World War II, the valve industry continue to develop the new products and processes to meet the ever-growing needs of industry. From Teflon to triple offsets, the improvements have been exceptional. Today, with a much tighter focus on safety and the environment, the industry is now tackling the toughest of sealing challenges. These newer product designs and even newer ones on the drawing board are making quantum leaps in sealing efficiency.