Daily Maintenance On Valves

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The following should be paid attention to when maintaining a valve daily:

1.It is important that valves should be stored in dry room and blocked.


2.You should check the valve periodically, clear it and smear rust-preventing oil on the surface.


3.The valve that has been assembled should be maintained periodically to ensure its function.


4.The sealing surface should be maintained or replaced when it was abraded.


5.Check the trapezoid thread’s wear condition in the bolt and nut, and check the filler aging. It should be replaced when it is necessary.


6.In order to ensure a valve’s performance, its seal should be tested.


7.The valve in working should be normal, i.e. the screw bolt is complete, and the thread isn’t wearied or loosened.


8.The hand-wheel shouldn’t be replaced by a flexible-head spanner when it is lost. You should buy another one in time.


9.There shouldn’t be existing crooked or no-notice gap in the packing gland.


10.When the valve works in an adverse environment, the valve stem should be fitted with a protective cover for it is vulnerable to rain, snow, dust, sand and so on.


11.The valve rod should be intact, accurate and clear.


12.The heat preservation jacket should be free of dents and cracks.


13.When a valve is working, it is necessary to avoid beating it or supporting weight.

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