Daily Maintenance

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The valve is a type of flow control device. It connects or cuts off the flow, changes the circulation, the direction of the flow, the pressure and flow regulation. What’s more, it needs maintenance. The purpose of valve maintenance is to prevent a valve from damage or scarred in the daily operation. Actually, improper storage incidents still happen.

To keep a valve well, it should be well-organized: small valves on the shelves, large valves must be neatly positioned on the ground floor. Just do not let the flange surface contact with the ground surface. It is not only for looking beautiful, but also mainly protecting a valve from breaking itself.

Daily Maintenance of a Valve one

The valve body and accessories should be stored clean. Valve switch signs and valve serial number plate should be clean too. Please take a look at the oil cup, nozzle, stem thread, stem nut and drive mechanism to fill qualified valve oil.

Refer to the valve packing gland, filling hole, filling hole nuts, relief valve, plugs, expansion joints and valve connection flanges to find if there are leaks or not, the corrosion condition.

Take a look at each bracket and connections between bolts to find if they are tight or not.

Focus on and check out the valves abnormal, valves immediately fixed, valves just replaced, and valves just added in a plant.

Valve packing gland should not be pressed on with considerable force, carefully move up and down.

Every six months check out opening and closing the bonnet of all the vent valve. After closing the cap, if there is a need to provide the sealant, please do that.

Stem, especially the thread part, should deal with at a regular time.

With the scientific attitude, valve maintenance job would be in order to achieve the purpose of the valve maintenance and application of the desired effect.

Daily Maintenance of a Valve three

The gasket is not resistant to corrosion, high pressure, vacuum, high temperature or low temperature. Corrosion, high pressure, vacuum, high temperature or low temperature affect a gasket in valves. If the operation is not smooth, then something causes the valve pressure and temperature fluctuation. The pressing force of the gasket is not sufficient. The gasket assembly is improper, uneven force. The gasket surface roughness, mixed with foreign body. The working conditions should be adapted to gasket materials. The carefully regulated and smooth operation. It should tighten the bolts evenly and symmetrically. The gasket assembly force should be uniform. The gasket does not permit the use of double gaskets overlaps. The installation of gaskets gives attention to cleaning, cleaning with kerosene sealing surface.