DN1000 soft seal electric flange butterfly valve and electric nylon wafer butterfly valve are sent to Vietnam

Author:     Published time:2022-05-20 10:40     Reading times:1326    

The electric butterfly valve has a small operating torque, which is the smallest of all valves. It is the executive unit of the instrument in the automatic control system. It takes AC220V, AC380V or DC24V power supply voltage as the power, and receives (4-20mA, 0-10mA or 1-5vdc) current signals or voltage signals from (DCS, PLC) system or regulating instruments and operators to control the operation.

The ductile iron valve body and valve plate used in DN1000 soft seal electric flange butterfly valve do not have a suitable electric actuator configured by the customer.

DN600 soft sealing nylon plate wafer butterfly valve uses ductile iron valve body and nylon valve plate, and is equipped with electric actuator suitable for this valve for customers.

After repeated pressure test and repeated electric control on or off, finally deliver goods to customers. After arrival, the customer was very satisfied and said he could cooperate with us for a long time.