DN1600 TJL large diameter flange soft seal eccentric butterfly valve sent to India

Author:     Published time:2022-05-18 11:03     Reading times:1267    

Recently, TJL received an order from customers to customize DN1600 large-diameter soft sealing flange eccentric butterfly valve. From the early size to the structure of the valve, we gave the drawing design. After repeated communication with customers, we finally got the satisfaction of customers. We are in production and processing, and the total sharing time is 30 days.

This DN1600 large-diameter soft sealing flange eccentric butterfly valve, the valve body and valve plate are made of nodular cast iron, ethylene propylene valve seat, 420 shaft, pressure PN10, and the flange hole can be directly connected with the pipeline after repeated measurement. After repeated pressure test and confirmation, it can be packaged and delivered.

DN1600 large-diameter flange eccentric butterfly valve is widely used in the pipeline of SO2, steam, air, gas, ammonia, CO2, oil, water, brine, alkali liquor, seawater, nitric acid, hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, phosphoric acid and other media in chemical, petrochemical, smelting, pharmaceutical, food and other industries as a regulating and intercepting device.

The customer was very satisfied with this supply and continued to order DN600 soft sealing flange butterfly valve. The customer expressed great trust in US and will continue to cooperate in the future.