Dream big, Aim high!

Author:     Published time:2017-08-24 17:46     Reading times:1063    

The valve industry, as an important link of equipment manufacturing, plays a key role in the national economy development. Amid Chinas fast-developing economy,the valve industry have sprung up. However, due to lacking key technology, innovation consciousness, these small and medium-sized enterprises have low risk resistance, and produced low-grade products used low equipment with unreasonable and outdated regulations. This industry will be hampered or even set back if these problems are solved.

What we can do in the next step? Just as an old saying goes, a boat sailing against the current must forge ahead or it will be driven back. So now faced with fierce market competition at home and abroad, if we want to be stronger, we need to realize transformation and upgrading the valve industry.

Therefore, how can we realize the goal? How to solve these problems in its development process like management, technology, products and so forth? These issues need us to discuss and investigate. TJL Industry gives following analysis and suggestions to business operators through visiting other enterprises, tacking with experts and paying attention to this industry all the time. Hope these suggestions will be helpful, and provide a way to find problems, and investigate them so as to solve them.

1. Import advanced equipment to improve valves’ gradation.

2. Focus on innovation to promote its development.

3. Speed up the effective integration of resources using the method of 1+N merger and reorganization.